'...smoke with the best, or die like the rest..."

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About Us

Our History

In 1999, a small group of friends decided to start a gaming clan named 420 in Rogue Spear. The clan grew, quickly, and a few friends became a few more, and so on.

While some members ventured off into the realm of Ghost Recon, which lead to America's Army after being hack-riddled, most of the original 420 members stayed behind to play Rogue Spear, then eventually migrated into Raven Shield, by then becoming known as the .m0ney. clan. For those of you that are familiar with m0ney, you know I need not boast about them here, their reputation speaks for itself.

Meanwhile, the America's Army clan, 420, also grew in numbers and popularity, and became widely respected as one of the elite.

For the years since, the many members of these distinct but linked clans, already spread  across the country and the world, each having established a namesake of their own, remained spread across many games.

The founders of 420, still close but divided among games, Raven Shield and America's Army, .m0ney. and 420, have been anxiously awaiting the day when a single game would allow them to unite as one, bringing a very large extended family together.

We are doctors. We are web designers. We are physical therapists. We are artists. We are students.

We are friends.

We are gamers.

We are l33t.

We are 420 Clan.

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